HR Cloud

Visual Refresh



My fellow designer friend, Becca Wang and I embarked on the visual refresh for HR Cloud. It initially did not start as a full rebrand, but simply a separation of the two companies of HR Cloud and Neogov. Neogov is the older, parent company that focuses on the public sector, while HR Cloud was its younger company focused on the private sector. Over the years of their existences, their branding and style were very close to being the same. We were on a 2 week time crunch to introduce a visual refresh for HR Cloud as the team needed to build a new website in time for a conference.


We decided to illustrate the differences between the two companies – HR Cloud is younger, fun and playful, while Neogov is older, proper and polished. HR Cloud had more opportunities to explore different styles and allowed us to creatively expand. Since Neogov serves the public sector, there were more regulations around style that we had to keep to - a branding that's much simpler without too many illustrations since it would be too playful.

Creative Brief


HR Cloud serves the private sector in creating products that allow HR Admins to easily hire and onboard new employees while connecting existing employees together. Their mission is to streamline HR processes so that their users are able to accomplish their everyday tasks easily. Customer success and implementation services are provided so that new users are able to put their new HR Cloud products into effect instantly and effortlessly.


HR Admins, employers and employees


The visual refresh will reflect the ability of HR Cloud to connect with its own users, and its users to connect with each other and their employees. Loose shapes, patterns, soft colors and illustrations of various characters will give the brand a more humanistic feel, allowing their users to connect with HR Cloud at a glance. 


To create a visual refresh that conveys the humanistic and lighthearted voice of HR Cloud.



Becca and I were really drawn to loosely shaped and hand-drawn illustrations. We really liked the idea of characters with a whimsical touch - simple faces with distinct noses and outfits with fun colors and patterns. We felt this style would fit well within HR Cloud and their new visuals.




We spent a few hours exploring different patterns and textures that we could use. We used a variety of mediums such as paint, markers, and pencils, and drew any kind of pattern we could think of. These patterns and textures would be scanned into a computer, converted into .TIF files and added to our library to use for our illustrations.



We knew we wanted to incorporate characters to continue the theme of the humanistic connection of HR Cloud. It was so fun brainstorming different characters and people - from businessmen, fashion designers, and local butchers, anyone we could think of that would benefit from HR Cloud to build a better rapport with their audience. 

The characters were a fun endeavor and very much a joint effort between Becca and me. Becca would sketch the characters and I would digitize them.





Automated Workflow



The website needed spot illustrations to better showcase the different selling points of the products. We would brainstorm ideas that were more fun and out of the box; we wanted ideas that would illustrate the idea well while drawing the audience into the brand's playful nature. 

Final Product

Overall, we were very happy with the final product in its patterns, colors, and illustrations. It was a good starting point for HR Cloud and a full rebrand coupled with research and user interviews. 

Artboard 24 copy_300x-100.jpg