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NEOGOV is the leading Government HR SASS platform for the public sector. It provides a full HR service from hiring employees, managing their performance to helping employees succeed with learning platforms.

The Talent Management Suite of NEOGOV includes Insight, Onboard, Perform and Learn. Insight is the main product in which HR Admins are able to create job postings, track applicants and hire candidates. 

I collaborated with fellow designer, Jonathan Brazeau, to revamp the Insight Job Posting feature and make it more user-friendly as many customers were experiencing navigational issues. With research, competitive analysis and usability testings, the design revamp presented solutions that allowed customers to use the job posting feature with ease.


To revamp the current job posting feature by cleaning up the navigation, streamlining the step-by-step process, and create a visual refresh for brand consistency.


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The current job posting feature contains a much older UX/UI pattern that presents heuristic issues. We interviewed 3 Insight customers and gathered their feedback on their pain points:


Pain Points

  • Customers are unable to go back to the previous page because of a lack of breadcrumbs. This causes frustration as they have to use the back button in the browser which might result in unsaved changes. 

  • Customers are unable to pinpoint which action to take first since the pages are cluttered with information. 

  • Page names are not consistent with the links it's associated with. "Add Job" brings the user to a page titled "Add/Edit Job" which presents initial confusion.

  • Supplemental Questions contains fields that customers are unsure of. Question type gets lost within the page because the selections are hidden within an option that's hard to catch.

  • Some links are shown in red which initially tells the customer there is something wrong with their job posting when it might just be informational text.


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We did a competitive analysis on other job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. We categorized features from each job board and found commonalities such as categorization of information, side by side layout, easy apply features and an advanced job posting search.

Sketches & Mockups


The initial sketches explored ideas as placing the Supplemental Questions section on the front page of the Job Details page. I thought this idea would have been better for the user since the Supplemental Questions section has a lot of different configurations to it. I also had to explore further how customers would add questions and specify question types as well.



I created low-mid fidelity mockups to see how the interaction would be like. The metrics on the top of the dashboard displays the status of job postings that allow the customer to quickly find specific jobs. A navigational wizard is placed for ease of use for the customer so that they are able to add or edit a job within specific categories. 

We presented these mockups to the Product Managers and gained feedback on what information should be displayed. We took these edits and moved to a higher fidelity mockup.



We created high fidelity mockups and conducted usability testing with 3 participants. We collected their feedback and pinpoint specific areas to edit so that the interactions would flow better. 

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We compiled all of our findings within a powerpoint presentation to document the edits and present it to our stakeholders. From here, we were able to make layout changes for better navigation and included more explicit verbiage so that it would be clear to the user what specific action items are. 

Final Product

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Artboard 3 copy.png
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Artboard 3 copy 3.png

Overall, we were happy with the design revamp as it addressed a lot of the concerns and pain points that the customer has experienced. This is overall a great start in improving the most used feature within Insight, and with more usability testings and customer feedback, we think this could be a very powerful tool our customers can use.